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Here Are Some Of The Marketing Miracles Members Of Our Team Have Pulled Off Over The Years...

$300,000 PROFIT within 90 days of startup

LaMont and Greg Davis started one business in the CPA space and took it from zero to over $300,000 in profits within the first 90 days.

$5,000 per day PROFIT with affiliate networks

Its one thing to know how to create a campaign that makes a profit. It's another thing to know how to turn those $100 and $200 days into $1,000 per day, $5,000 and more on a consistent basis.

We've created $100,000 per year PASSIVE Businesses

When you're making anywhere from $200 - $800 per day completely hands-off and worry-free it changes what you can focus on. Imagine applying the same strategies to your existing business...

500%+ ROI from Campaigns

In the world of scaling traffic... most people are thrilled to get 10%-20% ROI (return on investment). We've gotten higher than 500% ROI on campaigns we can spent thousands on per day.

Here Are 10 Examples Of How Our Strategies Can Help You Pull More Leads, Customers, And Sales Out Of Facebook...

An Ad Campaign Turned Penny Clicks Into High-Quality 5 Cent Leads

There are numerous ways to generate traffic with Facebook, and sometimes you can generate highly-targeted traffic at extremely low prices. But you have to know what you’re doing in order to get laser targeted (and responsive) traffic at these prices.

A few tips on making this happen. The traffic must be highly targeted and convert well so it not only converts into sales, but also gets a high engagement rate and click through rate (CTR%). This is key to getting cheap traffic on Facebook and there are 3 primary strategies that make this consistently possible.

Through a combination of using these 3 strategies, and the proprietary campaign building process we use to consistently out-perform the competition, we were able to generate extremely cheap traffic and then convert the traffic into leads at prices so low nobody thought it was possible.

A Viral Traffic Promotion Consistently Received Video Views For $.0002

One of the beautiful things about Facebook traffic is they will reward you with incredibly cheap traffic IF you help them out by delivering specific types of (viral) posts. If you can tap into this delivery, then Facebook will reward you with traffic and massive distribution for as low as 10 cents CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions).

One of the keys to getting a video to go viral is engagement. You MUST have a very high level of engagement. We use 5 strategies that consistently give us extremely high engagement in our videos, and consistently generate viral traffic which we can then use to flood websites with millions of views.

Getting targeted traffic at this price can easily be a game changer for any business. If you have a sales process that works, then being able to flood it with millions of new views at 10% of what your competition is paying gives you an unbeatable upper hand.

When most traffic on Facebook is going for a CPM of $1-$30, a 10 cent CPM is what they call an “unfair competitive advantage”.​

A New Traffic Campaign Tripled Sales In 5 Days

The client came to us with a campaign that was working, but was only generating a tiny sliver of what he knew was possible. But he was having trouble generating more traffic at a profit.

We created, developed, and scaled new traffic campaigns by implementing a handful of strategies that resulted in the client receiving three times more traffic while actually increasing his conversion rate (thereby lowering his cost to acquire a customer).

There are two things that made this possible - highly detailed tracking so we could understand exactly what is and isn’t working (so we could remove everything that wasn’t working) and having a high-performance testing process that we have only seen competitors use in the ultra-competitive media buying arena (in fact this is where we developed this process).

When you have better ads than your competitors, a better sales funnel than your competitors, and you have the ability to scale traffic beyond what your competitors can do… its called “you win”.

Generated Thousands Of Targeted Fanpage Likes For 3 Cents Resulting In Massive Profitability

A fanpage can be a high-profit source of sales if treated properly. Almost all businesses should have one, and for many it will make a difference on how many zeros show up on their monthly finance statements.

In this case we had a very specific fanpage audience who would – within 2 months – purchase a minimum of $1 per fan using the social media process. So the key was to generate new fans for less than $1.

We developed a campaign which allowed us to consistently generate new, targeted fans for 3 cents each making this a super profitable campaign.

One of the keys to making this possible is to have a large audience you can access, and to have a very high CTR and subscribe rate from your ad. We consistently get subscribe rates in the 5-10% range for the life of a likes campaign – which is necessary to get extremely low cost fans.

One problem is Facebook simply won’t give certain businesses these cheap fans regardless of the performance of their ads or fanpage because Facebook finds it too valuable and therefore insists on charging more money. We have discovered a way to bypass this issue so about 80% of all businesses can benefit from getting sub 10 cent fans.

​Some people seem to think building a fanpage audience is past its prime, but the opposite is actually true. In late 2013 a study was released finding the average value of fans were ranging from $1 on the low side (businesses who weren’t good at monetizing Facebook) to a supposedly $1,600 per fan value for BMW.

Feedback we’ve run across and personal experience since then has shown the average value to have increased slowly since 2013.​

In addition, we’ve found that if you’re selling high priced products, your fanpage audience becomes even more valuable because it will usually multiply your conversions when combined with other methods available (we’ve tested this over a dozen times).

​If you’re ignoring your fanpage then you’re likely leaving large amounts of profits on the table.

Real Estate Leads For 50 Cents Resulting In An Immediate Profit Of 2,800%

One campaign we developed resulted in leads for Real Estate agents for 50 cents. These were immediately sold for $15 and is likely to double over the next year. Facebook is a great way to generate massive leads for less than you can with many other sources.

One of the ways to do this is to send traffic immediately to a page where they can trade their information with you for something of value. If you have a high-quality lead generation page, then the results from this method can be astounding. It is not unusual for clients to have an immediate profit of 500% or more using this strategy.

The beautiful thing is almost every business can take advantage of this strategy - including local businesses. Gyms, Spas, retail stores, restaurants, and service businesses can typically generate massive new customers using this strategy.

A few tips to making this generate $3+ for every $1 invested… it is critical to make sure your lead page matches the message from your ad. If you disrupt the message (even if it generates more traffic) then your resulting sales will be significantly lower. Also, you need to have a very targeted ad that never drops below a 3% CTR (7%+ is better).

We use a critical mixture of campaign settings in the Facebook Power Editor which we find drops the cost of leads by 400% on average. We also have a proprietary strategy for targeting we use which triples our ability to maintain a 7%+ CTR (ensuring we get super targeted and cheap traffic and leads).

T-Shirt Campaign Brings In An Immediate $5 For Every $1 Spent

A paid traffic campaign we created generated $40 for every $8 spent. This was all in immediate sales coming from cold traffic which generated an extra $200-$300 per day in profits.

One of the ways this was possible was because of our proprietary optimization process that can turn many unprofitable campaigns into winners… or slightly profitable campaigns into gangbusters.

Building profitable campaigns, particularly from cold traffic and trying to convert into sales immediately, is a process and not a one-time event. Multiple layers of progress are usually required to develop a campaign to its full potential.

In addition to the optimization, detailed tracking is required as well as knowing what is currently working in real time in order to shorten the testing and optimization timeframe and related testing costs.

Retargeting For Easy Profits - Sub $2 Sales

The #1 Opportunity for nearly every business owner to quickly improve their profits from Facebook right now is retargeting.

Possibly the best thing Facebook has done is make it very easy to retarget people who visit your website (and specific pages) so you can follow up with specific messages to each. It is a marketers wet dream.

In this particular example, we were able to retarget visitors who clicked on a specific ad and went to a sales page which resulted in sales generated for just under $20 (which was still very good - it generated a 250% profit).

But by retargeting those who didn’t purchase immediately, we were able to generate more sales for just under $2 each! Remember, delay is the death of a sale, and you will lose more sales by not following up than anything else. It is also the easiest way to increase your sales. In this case it was a very simple method of increasing sales that worked out to produce almost pure profit.

Fanpage Strategy Dropped Cost Per Lead By 66%

A particular campaign we worked on was selling very high-priced services to very specific prospects. Once the leads were generated, the process in place converted leads into phone appointments very efficiently.

Our job was to increase the amount of leads coming into the sales funnel. While the ads were working great, conversions were low on the lead generation page pushing the cost per lead (CPL) above our target goal. Even after significant testing we weren’t able to drop the CPL where we wanted with broad Facebook traffic (it converted great with some other traffic sources).

The solution we created was simple. We first generated fanpage likes for a relatively low cost. We were then able to use a multi-step sequence to get them to the lead generation page where they converted great. The end result was achieving a CPL that was 20% less than our intended goal.

An even greater benefit was the leads generated were of significantly higher value than average (they were highly qualified and interested).

​It can become increasingly difficult in highly competitive markets (where they get constantly bombarded by similar ads) to get people to raise their hand and give you their contact information. Sometimes a different approach is best by asking for less of a commitment initially and then building a solid relationship before nudging them along. In this case it made all the difference in the world, and required very little traffic to make significant profits.

​This strategy is particularly useful for those in markets with high value customers and whose small increase in the investment of time and effort can result in an exponential increase of sales.

Viral Fanpage Engagement Resulted In Tons Of Free Traffic

Do you have a sales process that generates consistent results? Such as every visitor to your sales page is worth $1. If so then this strategy can be hugely powerful.

We developed a fanpage that received extremely high engagement. Which in turn (when combined with some of our other strategies) enabled us to add as many fans as we wanted to the page for 6 cents each.

While that alone is great (and hugely profitable for most businesses) we didn’t stop there. We created content that was highly engaging and consistently received a very high level of engagement (particularly for a targeted audience).

The result was Facebook rewarded the fanpage with high levels of free - and most importantly targeted - traffic. The fanbase increased by 25% organically (resulting in a total fanpage audience cost of 4 cents per like - lowering our costs by a third).

We also received very high levels of organic traffic which is no longer an easy achievement due to Facebook’s algorithm updates. It was not unusual for posts on this page to receive a 50%-80% distribution to the total fanbase… for free (the average rate is about 10%).

Additionally, because of the viral engagement levels, we were able to generate a large amount of free targeted traffic from people who were not fans. When content is highly engaging Facebook will show your content to people who have no connection to you… resulting in more traffic to your fanpage… your site… and more sales.

While getting this type of engagement doesn’t fit every business type, it can be a great strategy to increase traffic, increase sales, increase profit margins, and also as a side benefit it can help lower your existing paid traffic costs as well (you’ll have to ask us why).​

Maximum Exposure For Peanuts - Every $5 Spent Generated 37,000 People Reached (13 Cent CPM)

Have you ever had a great campaign on Facebook (or elsewhere for that matter) that made a ton of money, but the cost of advertising was killing your buzz?

This is becoming commonplace for many niches on Facebook.

If you could only generate more traffic or lower cost traffic, then you’d rake in multiples of your current profits.

Using our viral traffic strategy, we were able to generate targeted traffic on demand that many people don’t believe is possible. For every $5 we would spend, we’d receive a consistent reach of 37,000 people. This means for $5… 37,000 targeted prospects would see our post and could click on our link which takes them to a lead generation or sales page.

When the average cost per click to a website from Facebook is 50 cents to $2… a $5 campaign budget may get you 3-10 clicks (from 50-200 impressions usually).

Do you think we were having trouble getting 10 clicks from the same cost but getting 37,000 impressions? Absolutely not. If you can’t make a profit with these numbers then you may be doomed!​